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Nature Walks: Exploring the Great Outdoors

Nature walks are a great way to get active and explore your local area. It's a great opportunity to spark conversation with your child as well - they are always so curious!

Bike Rides: Pedaling Towards Improved Focus

Fitness is super important for kids and families - especially modelling life-long dedication to staying active - this is a great activity for siblings too!

Obstacle Courses: Fun Challenges for Focus and Coordination

So much fun for kids - they always love the park, and its pretty easy to find one near your home or near the children's school ground. 

Scavenger Hunts: Engaging the Senses and Focusing Attention

This is great for easter egg hunts, or small groups to find hidden treasures in a park or in your backyard at home!

Water Play: Cooling Down and Concentrating

Fantastic activity for summer! Don't forget to stay water and sun-safe!

Gardening: Nurturing Focus and Responsibility

Taking care of living things is a great way to develop a sense of responsibility, and teaching your child how to care for something by anticipating its needs. 

Sports and Team Games: Channeling Energy and Building Social Skills

Soccer, footy even backyard cricket is a great way to get your children active, and have some fun together. 

Camping and Nature Overnight Trips: Connecting with the Outdoors

Camping is a great way to disconnect from technology and engage your child with stimulating environment and activities that will be far from boring!

Playground Adventures: Fun and Exercise in One

There are so many parks in South East Queensland and plenty to choose from - you could visit a new one each week to keep things interesting!

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